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The destination for individuals seeking to transform their mindset

Jay Shetty

Is Life Coaching Worth it?

Self - Developing Programs

Unlock your true potential, overcome obstacles, and achieve personal growth through our tailored sessions. With a focus on mindset, goal-setting, and empowerment, our program equips you with the tools and strategies to thrive in all aspects of life. 

Simple Online Enrollment

With just a few clicks, you can join our program from the comfort of your own home. Our user-friendly platform allows you to easily browse available sessions, select a time that suits your schedule, and enroll with ease. Start your journey towards personal growth today with our simple online enrollment for life coach sessions.

Professional Mentor

Work with a certified Life and Success coach specializing in personal coaching, leadership development, and mentorship. Strong track record of identifying goals and strategies for long-term success. Trusted source of guidance for personal and professional transformation.


About Omiros 
Petri's Background

My purpose is to inspire authenticity and foster an open-minded mindset, ultimately guiding you towards the best outcomes in life.

I aspire to bring a sense of authenticity and open-mindedness that leads to the best outcomes in your life.

My aim is to foster a natural and genuine approach that encourages personal growth and transformative thinking.

By exploring new perspectives and embracing openness, we can uncover the pathways to your ultimate success and fulfillment. Together, let's embark on a journey of self-discovery and create lasting positive changes that resonate deeply in your life.


Services and Packages 

Join our vibrant community of learners and unlock your potential from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Start your journey today and discover the profound impact of life coaching online courses.

Blog Feed

Broaden your horizons by delving into a captivating collection of thought-provoking articles authored by Omiros Petri.

Podcast Guest Spotlight

Join me on an auditory journey! Explore insightful conversations and captivating stories from my experiences as a featured guest on various podcasts. From industry insights to personal anecdotes, each episode is a unique dive into the realms of knowledge, inspiration, and connection. Tune in and discover a new perspective with every episode!

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Guest on "The Circle of Life" podcast at Lehman College CUNY, hosted by the amazing journalist Patricia Calon!

Tune in for a captivating conversation that delves into life's diverse journeys.

Guest on Stacey Chillemi podcast. Discover practical strategies and empowering techniques that will revolutionize your approach to personal growth.

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Guest on The Light Inside Us, which is a journalistic podcast exploring the journey of everyday people toward beneficial change in their unconscious behavioral patterns. These shifts in behavior empower them to live richer, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

Guest on Priscilla Barrios live. Explore tips, stories, and insights on how to make this holiday season truly special, even if you're spending it solo. Discover the power of self-care, connection, and making the most of this festive time.

Guest on Timothy Lewis  Live - Theme 'MEN'S MENTAL HEALTH'. Gain a deeper understanding of men's mental health and discover ways to foster a happier and healthier life. 

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Guest on The Journey of Happiness,  which is an amazing podcast hosted by Dr. Dan, PhD explores the journey to happiness by interviewing people who have overcome significant health challenges. 

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The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough  to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs.

Vance Havner

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